Book Review | The Inheritance Games (2020) Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Avery Grambs lives with her half sister after her mother dies, gets a surprise visit from a good-looking boy her age, requesting she urgently head out with him. Avery, reluctantly heads out with him to sit in on the late Hawthorne's will reading at the extravagant Hawthorne Mansion where she learns she is heir to... Continue Reading →

Book Review | The Magpie Society (2020)

The Magpie Society by Zoë Sugg and Amy McCulloch Publisher: Penguin Random House UK "The night she died, all our phones were turned off" The Magpie Society follows an accidently death that takes place a prestige Boarding school, Illumen Hall in London. But was it really an accident? When Audrey, a prissy girl from Georgia... Continue Reading →

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